The British Neuropsychiatry Association: Celebrating 30 Years

22 FEBRUARY – The 3rd History of Neurology & Psychiatry Symposium:
Neuropsychiatry: past, present and future
23 and 24 FEBRUARY – BNPA Annual Meeting
Royal College of Surgeons, Lincoln’s Inn Fields, London

Speakers and Topics to include:

  • Origins of Neuropsychiatry/BNPA Jonathan Bird
  • Movement Disorders: James Parkinson’s Névrose Andrew Lees
  • Epilepsy: The key that unlocked neuropsychiatry Michael Trimble
  • Functional Disorders: Hysteria and the doldrum years Jon Stone
  • Memory Disorders: The seeds of continuing controversies Michael Kopelman
  • Computational Psychiatry Ray Dolan
  • Neurosurgical Interventions in Psychiatry Brian Simpson
  • Psychopharmacology David Healy
  • Brain Reading David Linden
  • Neurobiology of Addiction Trevor Robbins
  • Dopamine dysregulation syndrome in Parkinson’s Disease Valerie Voon
  • Cognitive and behavoiural effects of chronic alcohol excess Killian Welch
  • Pathological Gambling and behavioural addictions Henrietta Bowden-Jones
  • Apathy in Brain Disease Sanjay Manohar
  • fMRI of Pain Perception and Treatment Irene Tracy
  • Neural Plasticity for functional rehabilitation after stroke Nick Ward
  • Brain Imaging after TBI David Sharp
  • Concussion, chronic traumatic encephalopathy and dementia Alan Carson
  • Rescuing the injured brain – surgical trials in neurotrauma Peter Hutchinson
  • Dementia; thirty years back and forth Martin Rossor
  • Special Guest Lecture: In Sickness and in Power Lord David Owen


BNPA AGM 2016 – Talks and presenations


Developmental Perspective on Adult DiseaseDavid Linden & Valerie Voon

Early life adversity, epigenetics and the stress response in depressionThomas Frodl
See Below
Gut microbes and brain function: The Clinical ImplicationsTed Dinan

Face, brain and behaviour influenced by genetic anomaly and prenatal environmentPeter Hammond

The genetics of epilepsySanjey Sisodiya

ADHD in children and adultsPhil Asherson

AutismFrancesca Happe

SleepHugh Selsick

An overview of languageThomas Bek

A clinical approach to Primary Progressive AphasiaJonathan Scott

Predicting language outcome and recovery after stroke (PLORAS)Cathy Price
See BelowWhy two (or more) minds are better than oneChris Frith

Is there still room for a soul in the modern concept of the psycheAlasdair Coles and Anil Seth

Ted Dinan
Gut microbes and brain function: The Clinical Implications

Chris Frith
Why two (or more) minds are better than one