The British NeuroPsychiatry Association (BNPA) was founded in 1987 and is the leading academic and professional body for medical practitioners and professionals allied to medicine in the UK working at the interface of the clinical and cognitive neurosciences and psychiatry.

The object of The British Neuropsychiatry Association (BNPA) is the advancement of health for the public benefit by bringing about improved health care for people with neuropsychiatric disorders in particular by increasing, integrating, and disseminating knowledge and understanding of the relationships between brain function and human behaviour through open learned meetings.

In furthering this objective, the BNPA

  • Provides a multidisciplinary, inclusive forum for the dissemination of research findings and best practices in clinical care across a variety of professional groups;
  • Encourages and facilitates cross-disciplinary discussion of clinical and academic issues across the related fields of psychiatry, neurology and neuropsychology;
  • Runs high-quality scientific meetings and educational courses, including collaboration with other relevant Societies; and
  • Promotes the public understanding of neuropsychiatry within the United Kingdom and internationally.

The membership is multidisciplinary and currently stands at around 500 including psychiatrists, neurologists and clinical psychologists. Membership is open to medical practitioners in psychiatry, neurology clinical /academic neuropsychology and related neurosciences, and those who join under the age of 30 can benefit from 3 years reduced subscription fee (£10).

The highlight of the Association’s calendar is our two-day annual meeting held in February of each year. This format includes symposia, international guest speakers, member’s papers and posters.
We welcome joint meetings with other organisations either as part of our annual meeting or as BNPA symposia in their meeting.

We also run neuropsychiatry teaching weekends in December of each year for SpRs in psychiatry and neurology which provides for CME/CE credits.

Upcoming Meetings & Events

30th Annual Meeting

Neuropsychiatry: past, present and future – 22nd February

AMG – 23rd & 24th February 2017

If you are interested in becoming a member of the BNPA, please click on the Membership button